Places to visit

Text Box: The other great landmark in the town is its fortress. It has been built in the times, when these territories were part of the Roman Empire. When building the first fortress, Romans used exclusively the natural rock walls found here. As a matter of fact, walls were built only from northwest and southeast. On the other sides of the fortress there were rock faces, as high as 70 meters. In 14 century king Ivan Sratzimir expanded the old fort. When Bulgaria was conquered by the Ottoman Empire, Belogradchik Fortress was overtaken in 1396. During the period of ottoman supremacy, which lasted almost 5 centuries, Turks expanded the fortress significantly. The walls are more than 2 meters thick at the base and were as high as 12 meters. There are three separate courts, connected by large, heavy gates. Total area of Belogradchik Fortress is 10 210 square meters.

Text Box: If you are interested in history, you should pay attention to the newly discovered Roman Villa in the region Anishte, 10 km away from Belogradchik. According to archaeologists, those well preserved remains are dated back to 3-4 century a.d. Not more than 60% of the total area of the villa have been dug out, and there are some very interestingly shaped rooms. There are few places, where the floor has been preserved too.