44 Tours of Belogradchik Rocks


We offer the best way to see Belogradchik Rocks - quickly, safely and excitingly. The 4x4 tours combine amazing views with adrenaline-rising experience. Enjoy  magnificent sites, which otherwise you won't be able to see for two reasons - first of all, you don't know where they are, and second - even if you knew, you wouldn't want to go there with your own car, and probably you couldn't.

Track 1 easy transition, full tour of the central rock group, the most famous rocks around town are observed. Duration 1h 30 min. Distance 12 km. Price 20 leva per person.

Track 2 - extreme version or track 1, with more steep up and downhills, rough terrain and some additional breathtaking rock formations. Duration - 2h 30 min. Distance - 17 km. Price - 25 leva per person.

3 more extreme, for thrill seekers, full tour of the western rock group. Duration 3 hrs. Distance 23 km. Price 30 leva per person.

Track 4 - even more extreme version of track 3 with much more mud (if the weather is rainy), difficult mountain roads and some additional rock groups. Duration about 4 h. Distance 29 km. Price 35 leva per person.

5 medium difficulty, transition through the eastern rock group. At the beginning the track goes through difficult forest terrain, before the rocks are reached. Duration 3 h 30 min. Distance 32 km. Price 30 leva per person.

6 a full day trip, combination of tracks 1, 3 and 5. If you choose this track, you will see everything of Belogradchik rocks. It includes lunch break outdoors or in a restaurant in town. Duration about 7-8 hrs. Distance 55 km. Price 70 leva per person.

For customers of the house - 50% discount on all tracks!!!

The vehicle, used for the tours is a 7-seater off-road prepared Land Rover Discovery, but for your convenience we recommend the groups to be of maximum 4 persons.