Guesthouse "Drakite"

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4х4 Tours of Belogradchik Rocks

"Neither the famous Ollioules gorges in Provence, the Pincarbo defile in Spain, the Alps, nor the most ancient mountains of Tirol and Switzerland possess anything that could be compared with what I have seen in Belogradchik".

Gerome Blanqui, French traveler, 1841

The picturesque town Belogradchik is located in Northwest Bulgaria, between Vidin and Montana. It is famous with its natural phenomenon Belogradchick rocks - fantastic formations of red sandstone and conglomerate, from which nature has sculpted incredible forms of people and animals, and each one has its own legend. Unique nature carries visitors in a magical world and leaves them unforgettable memories.

Situated in the western part of Belogradchik, guesthouse "Drakite"  offers excellent conditions for rest for 10 - 12 people on two separate floors. The first floor has three rooms. Two of the rooms nave two single beds each  and shared bathroom. Тhe third one is with double bed, additional single bed and private bathroom. The second floor has two rooms with private bathrooms, one is with two single beds, the other - with double bed and extendable sofa as a single bed.  Each room has cable TV and wireless hi-speed internet. From the balconies there is magnificent view towards Danube Plain and the preceding hills, and when the weather is clear even the Carpates can be seen.

The cars of the guests can be parked safely in the yard of the house. For the cold months we have local heating. We also have our own water tanks.

Belogradchik is located 180 km northwest from Sofia if you go through Petrohan passage, or 215 km through Vitinia passage (on international road Е79). With a car the road takes about 3 hours. You can get to the town by bus from Sofia for about 4 hours, or by train to the near railway station Oreshec and then by taxi or bus to Belogradchik.

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